We want to end the waste of the raw material leather and establish a new definition of beauty!

For us, true beauty does not lie in pristine perfection, but in the uniqueness and specialness that characterises each leather and thus each product. As a natural product, leather always has small scars and irregularities, which are characteristic expressions of the individual leather skin and may be shown as such. With this emphasis on the fundamental nature of leather, we redefine aesthetics: elegance does not mean hiding everything natural and imperfect, but showing itself in all its beauty and individuality.

» Leather is like fruit and vegetables: what is not perfect is sorted out and discarded. «


Appreciating this wonderful raw material and the work behind the production of a single bag is very important to us. We believe that the value of a garment starts with the appreciation of material, labour and time. Because no matter how much we pay for our clothes, it always takes great craftsmanship and creativity to create long-lasting products from natural resources.

For the current collection, we work exclusively with cowhide, which is a by-product of the international meat industry. The leather we use, which means it has scars, holes and bumps. Hides that have a high density of these natural features are selected in the traditional fashion industry at the first stage of production and remain unused. Our mission is to use the entire hide, thus ensuring a consistent approach to this unique raw material.


Transparency is not only important to us when it comes to the quality of the leather used. We want to make the entire production process as comprehensible as possible for outsiders and therefore naturally provide information about the origin of the leather hide as well as insights into the production facility.

Through the consistent use of leather and the transparent production of our bags, we want to reduce the distance to this wonderful raw material and establish a profound understanding of its origin and processing. The aim is to raise awareness of the naturalness and value of leather as a raw material and to combine it with a new definition of aesthetics. That is why our collection stands for a timeless and classic design that focuses attention on the leather.

» Leather is a precious raw material. All the more shocking is the fact that leather with natural traces (scars, holes, bumps, mosquito bites, etc.) is ignored by the fashion industry, sorted out and declared a waste product. It is to these unloved leather skins that Alicia Linz has dedicated herself. «

MIRJAM SMEND, Greenstyle Munich